About Us
Over the past 100 years, both men and women have been called to pastor this great flock. God called me to Kenilworth in 1997. I became a New York City School teacher in 1981. It is no accident that the very first High School I taught in was Midwood High School, the original site of Kenilworth.
God has richly blessed Kenilworth Baptist Church. Many Churches were established in the early 1900s that did not endure. We however, by the grace of God have withstood the test of time. We can only attribute Kenilworth’s longevity to her faithfulness to God and His word.
Kenilworth has not only grown in number, but in its various ministries. Both our deacon and trustee boards have loyal officers who serve the Church faithfully. Our music ministry has grown tremendously in the last 8 years. Evangelistic outreach is a vital part of the ministry of this Church. Our youth ministry is one of the hallmarks of Kenilworth, along with our Sunday school and Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study. Last fall, we started our Symposia. Pastors and theologians discussed controversial issues of interest and invite congregants to participate in a question and answer session.
This fall, we will have a satellite program of New York School of the Bible at Kenilworth. The same instructors, who teach at Calvary Baptist Church, will teach at Kenilworth, offering the same certification that is given at the Manhattan site.
Over the 16 years of my pastorate, God has performed mighty miracles in the lives of the congregants. The Almighty has used this Church as a witness of His devotion to His people. Psalm 92:1 tells us… It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to your name, O Most High. We at Kenilworth have established a resolve to praise God for who He is and all He has done for us.
Pastor Lawrence Taylor KENILWORTH BAPTIST CHURCH OBEYING GOD’S WORD TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST TO ALL WHO WILL HEAR AND RECEIVE IT SINCE 1913 Kenilworth is a Church where everybody is somebody and God is all! Kenilworth is a Bible-believing, Bible Preaching, Bible-teaching, praying Church where care, love and a warm welcome will always greet you as you enter with praise and thanksgiving. The Kenilworth Baptist Mission began on September 24, 1911. Rev. W. Frank Johnson, who served for one year, conducted evening services. Those initial services were held in a building located at 36 Kenilworth Place, 100 feet south of our present site. Kenilworth was organized in 1913 with 23 charter members. On October 20, 1913, Dr. Elbert W. Van Aken accepted the call to become pastor. In the summer of 1915, our first Church building was erected on Bedford Avenue and Glenwood Road at a cost of $5,000 (current site of Midwood High School). In 1925, a 60-foot frontage was purchased at a cost of $12,000. By the time Kenilworth was 10 years old, the membership had increased to 300, with a Sunday school enrollment of 200. In 1938, our present site, including the attached house (which now serves as the Church annex), was purchased for $10,500 and the new Church structure cost $17,000. A gift of $5,000 from the estate of Mrs. Van Brunt helped to reduce the indebtedness. The following persons have served as pastors of Kenilworth Baptist Church: Dr. Elbert W. Van Aken, 1913-1947, and as pastor-emeritus from 1947-1950; Rev. Albert Dickson, 1947-1950; Rev. John Shiebly, 1951-1953; Rev. David Jester, 1954-1957; Rev. William C. Nicholas, 1957-1960; Rev. Fred Gibson, 1961-1963; Dr. Eugene S. Foster, 1965-1983, and as pastor-emeritus from 1983-1987; Rev. Susan A. Rogers, 1983-1987; Rev. Donna Taylor-Smith, 1989-1991. We had several interim pastors during 1991-1996 which include: Rev. Holloway, Rev. Wimbly, Rev. Talbot and Rev. Ware. Our current leader, Pastor Lawrence Taylor was installed as pastor of Kenilworth in July 1997. We are grateful to God for his faithfulness in giving us this shepherd to lead the flock.